Sunday, November 23, 2014

black and white filmstock adventures

Last semester, I had the glorious opportunity to work in my university's dark room whilst studying a Photowork unit. The above photographs are a selection of film I developed from 35mm Ilford black and white film stock both at ISO 400 and 1600 for two assignments; Picturing Movement and Picturing The Dark. I honestly wish I could do this unit every semester. Taking photos and developing them in a dark room yourself is an experience like no other. Frustrating and time consuming, yet educational and oh so rewarding when you come out with a photograph pretty much exactly how you had envisioned it. 
Raw, tangible moments in black and white. They are the best ones.
P.s. In other news, as of yesterday I am officially heading to Melbourne in January, and am going to see these guys live! James Booth tho made this video for the band is incredible. Check out his work, his black and whites (and everything) he does is beautiful.

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