Wednesday, January 28, 2015

alexa talks to tavi

OKAY. Despite all of my binge blogging today- this is good, this is ALL HAPPENING.
I just feel obligated to share this video of Alexa [Chung] talking to Tavi [Gevinson].
I have watched this video at least seven times and will continue to do so until both of their souls merge into mine.

That is all.

somedays lovin: lumière

I have absolutely fallen in love with this latest SOMEDAYS collection- every outfit, all the shoes and hats. Big love to LoveMore for your great design work on this and for posting it! So so amped for festival season (G.T.M PLS) and the remaining month of summer thanks to the endless summer inspiration above. And this short film somes it all up quite nicely.

Currently playing // the Boyhood Soundtrack \\ more on that SOON.


OH HELLO. I know, it's been a while, hope you're well.

So, update: after working full time taking photos of kids/grown ups on Father Christmas' lap from the end of November until Christmas, I earned myself enough dough to jet off to Melbourne for a few weeks in the new year! 2015? What?
ANYWAY, it was a lovely change of scenery. On Sunday, January 11th, I went to see The 1975 at Festival Hall... and it was the most incredible live music experience ever... I mean, Matt Healy is everything and more

"Go anywhere. Pay anything. You won't be sorry." VERY accurate (that is exactly what I did). 

I was also lucky enough to go on a short road trip down to the coast of Victoria- to Apollo Bay (the Byron Bay of Victoria). Driving through the state and seeing the rainforests, the countryside, and scattered Koalas in the wild, was pretty great. Other than that, there was much shopping, much coffee and red wine-drinking, songwriting, sketching, and general wanderwall-ing. 
As I do anywhere I am, really... livin' the dream.