Thursday, November 28, 2013

miss weaving

Aussie's very own beautiful and talented Samara Weaving for Miss Vogue #13. Photography and styling by Romy Frydman of Style Me Romy. Excited to see big things from this one.

LV does michelle williams

This timelessly stunning, and one of my acting idols, Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton's Fall 13 campaign, photographed by Peter Lindbergh. Sheer perfection. Whoa. This is a classic, friends.

Monday, November 18, 2013

the dream team

One of my favourite dynamic duos, Tavi Gevinson, photographed, and Petra Collins, photographer, (of ROOKIE fame) in an editorial for OYSTER from last year. All time. Their obsession for the Vigrin-Suicdide-sy-kitchy-nostalgia aesthetic is insane and I love it almost just as much as them…almost.
Tavi is my main source of inspiration these days…my god what a superstar. I may or may not just have purchased Rookie Yearbook Two for an insane international shipping fee…but I am truly dedicated to Tavi and her brain that I just don't care. Savings, lel.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Here are some highlights in my life since, um September. Wow the months have rolled by so quickly! Madness. From:
~Margaret River for the long weekend, accompanied with a disposable camera (I won't leave home without one these days).
~Turning 18 on October 2nd! Definitely the best birthday I've had yet. Sipping Margaritas with the boy at the Mexican Kitchen (truly appreciating tequila), finding a ferris wheel for a 12 buck ride; YOLO, and buying many more alcoholic beverages as the days went by. I do enjoy being of age.
~Making my directorial debut with a play I co-wrote and directed back at my high school, Back To The Chevi's! Ridiculously proud of the cast, the entire process was a pleasure and the performance was a raging success! So much happiness :)
~Submitting my major University assignments and officially completing my first year! So satisfying.
~Visiting Lake Monger as much as humanly possible. Follow #TheLakeDiaries for the most beautiful lake sparkles in ever.
~Many green juices, either in a bottle or from Boost, have surely been getting me though the warmer days lately, along with daisy chains, lying by the pool, and a good book/nap.

by wes anderson

Here we have Wes' latest brilliance for Prada, and where is Wes Anderson without the hilarity that is Jason Schwartzman?
And as Tavi says, "It also kinda works as a pasta ad." Ha. So classic. Who doesn't love spaghetti?! 
Bravo, once again, Mr Anderson.