Sunday, November 17, 2013


Here are some highlights in my life since, um September. Wow the months have rolled by so quickly! Madness. From:
~Margaret River for the long weekend, accompanied with a disposable camera (I won't leave home without one these days).
~Turning 18 on October 2nd! Definitely the best birthday I've had yet. Sipping Margaritas with the boy at the Mexican Kitchen (truly appreciating tequila), finding a ferris wheel for a 12 buck ride; YOLO, and buying many more alcoholic beverages as the days went by. I do enjoy being of age.
~Making my directorial debut with a play I co-wrote and directed back at my high school, Back To The Chevi's! Ridiculously proud of the cast, the entire process was a pleasure and the performance was a raging success! So much happiness :)
~Submitting my major University assignments and officially completing my first year! So satisfying.
~Visiting Lake Monger as much as humanly possible. Follow #TheLakeDiaries for the most beautiful lake sparkles in ever.
~Many green juices, either in a bottle or from Boost, have surely been getting me though the warmer days lately, along with daisy chains, lying by the pool, and a good book/nap.

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