Monday, October 1, 2012


Glorious Spring weather Perth's been having.
Loading in the first of many film canisters.
My brother's nineteenth. 'Twas "come as your favourite music artist." I was a Rolling Stone/Yoko Ono in this particular photo.
Finishing my Visual Art final piece.
Best sunny day in the whole of September was spent was surprisingly relaxing though hhaha.
After my last Mock exam, I got slightly windswept by hail. It was sudden.
I am the Queen of blueberry pancakes.
Car selfies after my WACE Drama Practical on Sunday. Two weeks of rest hallelujah.
I am now on two weeks of holidays thank god ! And then I have only two weeks of actual high school left....ever. It's freakin' me outtt man. I'm just looking forward to more sun coming our way, because rain and hail storms are becoming somewhat redundant in the springtime. Two weeks of movies, geetar playin', and doing next to nothing. I'm saving my energy for WACE. One month and two days until my first exam. Resting while I can, kids.

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