Friday, June 14, 2013


The winter flu season has caught me... just in time for the Uni break! Wonderful. I layed out the few things getting me through my recovery.
(clockwise from left)
1. Kleenex 3 ply Eucalyptus tissues. Heaven for all my weakened senses.
2. Candlelight makes everything better.
3. Jeff Buckley's Grace. Best decision I ever made picking this up in Melbourne at the beginning of last year. 
4. My guitar wouldn't exactly fit in the frame here, but my favourite pick and capo were small enough to represent it.
5. Making plans, getting organised for next Semester.
6. Twining's Chai. I have discovered the chai movement. Lordy that stuff's good on a sore throat.
7. Slightly obsessed with the men's scent Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf... I don't care if it's made for men, I am buying myself a bottle, it's already decided. One whiff and you're done.

Ingesting as many nutrients as possible this weekend. I intend to be cured by Monday. Common immune system, I believe in you.

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