Sunday, June 16, 2013

class is internal

During my recent time of hibernation, I have been thinking a lot about making the most of things [oh the irony]. 
Sonya Esman of has been the main source of this inspiration. The Russian/Canadian beauty knows what she's doing! I do love her Polaroid additions to her might just see that coming here... 

I have also been watching the mini-series Top of the Lake with the wondrous Holly Hunter and Elisabeth Moss, not to mention an appearance by Perth's very own singer/songwriter Georgi Kay. Plus shot in my homeland, New Zealand! All kinds of good right there.

Definitely going to be checking most things off this Winter to do list, made by Sonya herself! 
...Apart from the snowboarding...skating...and sledding. 
I'll just have to move to Canada then. Or New Zealand. Either one.

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