Friday, January 11, 2013

the year of magic

Helloooo kids!! Hope you all had an excellent Christmas break and Happy New Year! Shiiiite time really does fly. It's been over six months since my US trip to New York and LA, over a month since I finished high school and swiftly jetted off on my summer holiday with the family to South Africa -where my roots reside. Words cannot describe how great it was to meet so much of my extended family that have been mere faces on Facebook for so many years! And seeing where my Mum grew up, where my parents lived together and got married and so on.... it felt outrageously good to see it all for real, although so much has changed in the twenty years that have passed.
But now, baby I'm back and rearing to go ! I am so exited for the forthcoming freedom I will gain this year. I am yet to hear back from Universities and hopefully I will have my P's by the end of the month (enabling me to drive solooo YES!!). Photo and video diaries are on the way, so sit tight and revel in this fresh start that has conveniently been granted to us all. 2013 is here, man.

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