Saturday, December 1, 2012

new york photo diary

New York, New York... I am struggling to find the words to express my love for this incredible city. For ten scorching hot days in July, NYC welcomed me and my fellow Dance and Drama students [and teachers] into LaGuardia with open arms. This tour was technically my first ever international venture out of Australia (I don't really count the time I went back New Zealand because I was born there ha) -and the fact that the first city was number one on my travel list is all that I could wish for! Although the school tour did restrict some of the things I would've loved to do there, it really didn't matter in the end, because simply to be there and have the opportunity to soak in all that is New York City and to photograph everything I could at every moment possible, was enough. And I have absolutely no doubt that I will be back there in the near future; and I'll be as free as a bird.

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